Joining the spontaneity of photojournalism and the aesthetics of fine art

John Heymann

Examples of my wedding photography

Selections of photographs from past weddings


Skills and experience I have and will use as your wedding photographer

20 years of experience
750 weddings of all kinds photographed in a wide variety of venues


How I use my experience to understand and meet your needs and expectations

Affordable, client friendly service from first contact to years after the wedding


Locations I know well

Massachusetts: Castle Hill (Ipswich), Pierce House (Lincoln), Robert Treat Paine Estate (Waltham); Rhode Island: Ocean Cliff (Newport)


How to get answers to your questions

phone, fax, email — and a wedding photography planning guide

I photograph the event as it happens in an unobtrusive manner and photograph as many facets of the wedding day as possible. I produce a photo essay of the day with special attention to the bride and groom, their families, and friends. I am courteous, creative, energetic, and patient. My photos show the genuine emotion and spontaneous activity that are part of every wedding. I create photographs that are aesthetically pleasing as well as informative. I keep in mind that at any moment I may have the opportunity to take a photo of lasting significance for the bride and groom. I can provide you with both lively candids and appealing formal portraits in color and/or black and white.

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